Smooth Collie Club Open Show
12th May 2019
Smooth Collies - Kate Arrowsmith 
Rough Collies - Yvonne McGrath 
SAC Britt Marie Young

Best in Show - Breckamore Butterfingers ShCM ShCEx
Reserve Best In Show - Esp/PT/GIB/Int Ch Winter Is Coming to Tentola


Minor Puppy Dog
2 entries, absent

Puppy Dog
1 entry, absent

Junior Dog (2,1)
1st Jack Mack's Va Buidhinn of Shandlmain (Imp Deu) RBD

Novice Dog
no entries

Post Graduate Dog (2,0)
1st Manordeifi Bow Regard
2nd Jules Vom Palais Brinn

Limit Dog
1 entry, absent

Open Dog (1,0)
1st Esp/PT/GIB/Int Ch Winter Is Coming to Tentola BD/BOS/RBIS

Veteran Dog (3,0)
1st Ch Foxearth Fashion Guru for Koczkodan
2nd Manordeifi Dionysus at Hilltarn
3rd Ryecombe Den'n'Air

Minor Puppy Bitch
no entries

Puppy Bitch
1 entry, absent

Junior Bitch (6,0)
1st Foxearth Fudge Wynele RBB
2nd Koczkodan Midnight Sun
3rd Glencorrie Black Swan
Res Blamorder Ridin on a Rainbow to Manordeifi

Novice Bitch (2,0)
1st Glencorrie Black Swan
2nd Stormsett Snow Crystal

Post Graduate Bitch (5,2)
1st Oakestelle Artemis
2nd Koczkodan Midnight Sun
3rd Wynele Vaguely Blue

Limit Bitch (4,2)
1st Breckamore Butterfingers ShCM ShCEx BB/BOB/BIS
2nd Sturtmoor Kurious Kadence

Open Bitch (5,3)
1st Ch Foxearth Finnish Spirit at Jimjack ShCM
2nd Oakestelle Venus de Milo

Veteran Bitch (7,1)
1st Alopex Little Summer
2nd Ch Alopex Marionette of Oakestelle
3rd Ch Kevranna Theras Enate Echo
Res Ryecombe Jovial Jasmine of Sturtmoor
VHC Manordeifi Satin Doll of Koczkodan


Veteran Dog (3,1)
1st Demelewis Catchmydrift RBD
2nd Nikal Its Gud To Be Black

Puppy Dog (3,1)
1st Fiorcara Brave Explorer BPD
2nd Takhisis Magic of Dreams

Junior Dog (2,1)
1st Brooklynson Black Diamond with Dancol BD/BOS

Post Graduate Dog (3,2)
1st Brooklynson Black Diamond with Dancol

Limit Dog (2,1)
1st Brooklynson El Dorado

Open Dog (3,0)
1st Wicani Altitude at Imaginist
2nd Corydon The Ringmaster
3rd Takhisis Trick Or Treat


Veteran Bitch (4,3)
1st Fiorcara Sweet Rhapsody BVB/BVIB/BVIS

Puppy Bitch (2,1)
1st Fiorcara Sweet Victoria BP/BPIB/BPIS

Junior Bitch (5,3)
1st Serenlas Heaven In Blu
2nd Irrestible Reverie Of The Windy Lands for Gaeldom (Imp Svn)

Post Graduate Bitch (7,3)
1st Ladnar Trust In Me
2nd Bellawave Caught In A Dream
3rd Danfrebek Lady Madonna
Res Ambartr Plancee at Jards Nl Jr Ch JW/167 NL Win18

Limit Bitch (6,2)
1st Serenlas Keeping Faith
2nd Kinneret Kopper Kisses for Corydon
3rd Corydon Victoria Rose at Fiorcara JW
Res Samhaven Time Is Money With Nikal

Open Bitch (5,1)
1st Demelewis Dare To Tell BB/BOB
2nd Brooklynson Hepburn At Rossavon RBB/RBOB
3rd Imaginist Waxing Lyrical
Res Nl Ch Ingledene Ebony Lace Belg Jr CH


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