Smooth Collie Club of Great Britain

The Club Book List

On this page you will find information about books and other publications with information about the Smooth Collie. We try to ensure that the information supplied is up to date but if there are any additions or comments you would like to make, please get in touch! We are grateful to Jean Tuck for information on Smooth related books.


Some of the books on the list are now out of print, but can often be obtained from dealers who specialise in out-of-print dog books, through stalls at dog shows or through the Internet. If buying unseen, then it is useful to know something about the contents. Some of these books are available to buy on our website.

Smooth Collie Champions, 2003 – 2015

The latest collection of photos and pedigrees of the breed’s champions, together with interesting articles.

Golden Anniversary Handbook of the Smooth Collie Club of Great Britain, 2005

The club’s anniversary publication with lots of articles covering the history of the breed and many colour illustrations of well-known Smooths, past and present.

Smooth Collie Champions, 1884 – 2002, Smooth Collie Club of GB, 2003

This is a limited edition book produced to celebrate the Smooth Collie, and the Club’s 50th anniversary. It is primarily a collection of pedigrees, and pictures where possible, of all the UK Smooth Collie champions. There are over 230 black and
white illustrations, with charts and additional pedigrees to show how the breed has developed.

Ruby Anniversary Handbook of the Smooth Collie Club of GB, 1995

This has articles about the breed and the club, as well as lists of major winners at club events, and illustrated advertisements from many club members.

The Silver Jubilee Handbook, 1980

This has several articles on breed history, again with illustrated advertisements.

The Smooth Look

Current and back issues of the club magazine can be obtained from the club and have articles and news items covering a wide range of breed-related issues.

The Smooth Collie – A Family Dog, Iris Combe, 1992 and reprinted 2016

The only UK book devoted entirely to all aspects of the Smooth Collie. It starts with the very early development of the breed, then looks at the development of the show dog, and considers the contributions of many major breeders. The second section
looks at selecting a puppy, care and management. The show scene is then dealt with, looking at breed standards, handling and judging. The final section reviews the position of the breed worldwide, looking at Europe, Northern America, Australia and New Zealand. A comprehensive selection of 135 plates illustrate these topics and there is an additional photo gallery of champions, some in colour.

Rough and Smooth Collies, Stella Clark, 1993

This covers the origins, then the show history of Roughs, and of Smooths. The latter looks particularly at the period from the 1950s to the 1990s. Further chapters cover the differences between the two breeds, choosing a puppy, training, colours, breed standards, grooming, showing, working, breeding and health. A review of the breeds in North America and worldwide is included. There are many photographs of Smooth Collies throughout the text.

All About the Collie (Rough and Smooth), Ada Bishop, 3rd edition 1989 (1st 1971)

The early chapters cover the history of show Rough Collies, including the backgrounds of the different colours. The early photographs and pedigrees are of historic interest to Smooths, as are general chapters on breed standards, care, breeding
and showing, and on the famous Laund kennels. One chapter, with associated photographs, deals entirely with Smooths, looking at the show history of the breed from the start until the 1980s.

The Complete Illustrated Collie, eds. J & L Cartledge, 1973

This has chapters on the development of show Rough, Smooth and Bearded Collies, and on general care, training, breeding and health. The Smooth Collie chapter is by Joan Hill and has five unlabelled illustrations, some in colour.

Rough Collies, Hazel Hunt, 1990

This is, as the title states, primarily on Rough Collies, though Smooths do get several mentions. The early Rough Collie history and illustrations are of interest, since Smooths can trace back to many of the dogs shown. Much of the information on care and showing is also equally applicable to Smooth Collies.

The Collie, Margaret Osborne, 10th edition 1986, revised by Aileen Speding (1st 1957)

This is another book which concentrates on Rough Collies. Again the chapters on history are of interest, as are the photographs of some of the early dogs. On Smooths there are two pages of text and a photograph. By the same author is Collies (Foyles Handbook, 1st 1961, revised, reprinted to 1982). The text does not mention Smooths, though care and
management apply to both coats, and there are 4 photographs of Smooths, one named, the rest in colour but
unnamed. A John Gifford Illustrated Guide, Collies, 1972, uses the same text but replaces the black and white
illustrations with further colour plates, of which 8, mainly named, are of Smooths.

Herding Dogs – Their Origins and Development in Britain, Iris Combe, 1987.

As the full title indicates, this book looks at the development of different herding breeds, from pre-Roman to modern times. It has a chapter and two illustrations specifically on Smooth Collies. The booklet, Old Farm Dogs, David Hancock, Shire Publications, 1999, also covers similar ground, though has only a brief mention of Smooth Collies.

Collies Yesterday and Today, Iris Combe, 1972

This is an earlier version of Herding Dogs. It has chapters on collie varieties and their various jobs of work, again with one illustrated chapter specifically on Smooth Collies.

Other books with some information on Smooth Collies include the annual International Collie Handbooks and the British Collie Club HandbooksInternational Rough Collie Pedigrees (compiled by A.Chatfield) has some early Rough Collie pedigrees, including that of Trefoil, which relate to the history of Smooth Collies. No illustrations.

Champions Parade (Rough and Smooth Collies in Europe), Iris Combe and Tonny Heij, printed in Holland, 1984
& 1987.

In two editions (1975-80, 1980-85) these books contain some history, but are mainly devoted to photographs and pedigrees of a selection of collies from various European countries. There are 18 Smooths featured in the first edition, and 24 in the second.

For those who wish to look more into the history of the breed the following are now collectors items, but can be
seen in the Kennel Club library, or similar collections:

Show Collies. Rough and Smooth Coated. A Complete History, H.E. Packwood, Our Dogs Publishing, 1906 - [reprinted 1990]

This history traces as much as was known of early collie pedigrees, and as such is a useful tool to the historian. A chapter and 11 photographs (dating from 1893 to 1906) deal with early show Smooth Collies, and many Rough Collie ancestors are illustrated too. It was written as a handbook for collie fanciers of the day, so includes breed standards and information on management.

Show Collies and Shetland Sheepdogs, W. Baskerville, Our Dogs Publishing,1923.

Heavily derived from Packwood’s text, with some additional details and photographs to cover the years from 1906. A chapter and 12 photographs (6 of which do not appear in Packwood’s book) deal with Smooth Collies. Includes chapters on management.